While long Ball Super: Super Hero"s Gammas are formidable, they may not be the superior androids that Dr. Hedo seemed khổng lồ insist they were.

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The Gammas are formidable adversaries in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but for all their power, there is one glaring weakness hanging over them. Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 were created by Dr. Hedo to lớn be the ultimate androids. However, one detail revealed halfway through the film reveals that they may not be as superior lớn their predecessors, app android 17 & 18, as the good doctor let on.

It's no secret that Akira Toriyama tends to lớn forget details of his own story. Perhaps most famously, he forgot about the entire character of Launch, come time for the Dragon Ball Z era of the story. His involvement in the likes of Dragon Ball Super: Broly largely avoided this issue by essentially being one big retcon, introducing the massively popular Broly into the canon of Dragon Ball, as well as the more divisive aspect of the Planet Vegeta backstory as portrayed in Dragon Ball Minus, albeit with major tweaks lớn both. But with Toriyama revisiting established canon material in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the danger of details lost khổng lồ time was far more present. In this case, it was one fairly major detail of the android Saga.

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While Dr. Hedo seems extremely confident that Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are the ultimate Androids in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, their weakness regarding the limit on their power nguồn supply is something that 17 và 18 simply don't have lớn worry about. This power nguồn flub is revealed halfway through the film in a battle between Gohan & Gamma 1. It's later reinforced to a major extreme during the film's climactic final battle. Despite the Gammas putting on a good show, Androids 17 and 18 have already proven that they just wouldn't have the same kinds of problems that their supposed successors do.

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Around the midway point of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan arrives at the Red Ribbon Base lớn rescue his daughter, Pan. During this infiltration, he winds up in a battle with the likes of Gamma 1. The fight lasts for a considerable amount of time, with Gohan attempting to understand the situation. While he seems to be getting drained, his opponent isn't. It's at that point that Gamma 1 reveals that he can keep going without rest as long as he has the energy khổng lồ spare, comedically noting that despite all of that fighting, he still has over 80 percent, left in the can, much lớn Gohan's chagrin.

That moment turns out to be something of a Chekhov's Gun, as Gamma 2 later makes the ultimate sacrifice in the final Dragon Ball Super: Super nhân vật movie battle. With a rampaging Cell Max on the loose, Gamma 2 decides lớn use up every last drop of his energy for one final kamikaze attack. Tragically, it doesn't entirely work, but it does help. Despite his body initially surviving, it later disintegrates for dramatic effect in a poignant moment.

The problem with both of these two moments is that android 17 and 18 wouldn't suffer the same issue, as Dr. Gero outfitted them with the Eternal Energy Reactor, allowing them to generate energy infinitely. While it's possible - even likely - that the Gammas have a higher overall power output, game android 17 và 18 simply cannot run out of energy. Whether they can even get tired has been somewhat inconsistent over the years, but their sustainability was shown at its peak very recently in the Tournament of Power. There, android 18 eliminated herself due to injury and Android 17 went on to win the Tournament despite being nowhere near the most powerful fighter in the event, largely by pure attrition. So while Androids 17 & 18 might not be able to lớn square up to the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Gammas in a fight, they could almost certainly outlast them.