1090 ES 1090 MHz extended squitter3D, 4d three- or four-dimensional3G third generation3GCN third-generation cabin network4DT 4-Dimensional Trajectories4096 Code combinations of four-digit tran­sponder code


A ampere(s)

A autotuned navaid

A-BPSK aviation binary phase shift keying

A-QPSK aeronautical quadrature phase shift keying

A-SMGCS advanced surface movement guidance và control systems

A/B autobrake

A/C aircraft

A/D analog-to-digital

A/FD Airport/Facility Directory

A/G air/ground; air lớn ground

A/L airline

A/L autoland

A/N alphanumeric

A/P autopilot

A/T autothrottle

A/V aircraft/vehicle

A&P airframe and power plant

AAC aeronautical administration communications

AAC airline administrative communi­cations

AAIB Air Accident Investigation Branch (U.K.

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Equivalent of NTSB)

AAF airway facilities service

AAI Airline Avionics Institute

AAIPT Aging Aircraft Enterprise Team (Naval Air Systems Command)

AAIU air accident investigation unit

AAL above aerodome level

AALC autonomous approach landing capability

AAM Advanced Air Mobility

AAMP advanced architecture micro­processor

AAR Automated Aerial Refueling

AATD Aviation Applied technology Directorate (U.S. Army)

AATT advanced air transportation technology

AAS advanced automation system (FAA)

ABC automatic brightness control

ABCS Army Battle Command System

ABSAA Airborne Sense và Avoid

AC advisory circular

AC alternating current

AC2 Dolby surround

ACAA Air Carrier Association of America

ACAC air-cooled air cooler

ACAMS aircraft condition analysis man­agement system

ACARS aircraft communications addressing and reporting system

ACAS airborne collision avoidance system

ACC active clearance control

ACC airspace control center

ACC area control center

ACD automatic conflict detection

ACDO Air Carrier District Office

ACE actuator control electronics

ACE advanced certification equipment

ACG Assessment Compliance Group

ACI-NA Airport Council International - North America

ACIPS airfoil cowl ice protection system

ACF area control facility

ACK acknowledgment

ACM adjacent center metering

ACMF airplane condition monitoring function

ACMP alternating current motor pump

ACMS aircraft condition monitoring system

ACNSS advanced communication/navi­gation/ surveillance system

ACO Aircraft Certification Office (FAA)

ACP audio control panel

ACS active control system

ACS aerial common sensor

ACS audio control system

ACT active

ACTC airport traffic control towers

ACTD advanced concept công nghệ demonstration

ACU aircraft communications system

ACU antenna control unit

ACU apron control unit

ACU autopilot control unit

AD airworthiness directive (FAA)

ADA Air Defense Artillery

ADAHRS air data attitude heading reference system

ADAS automated weather observing system data acquisition system

ADB airport database

ADC air data computer

ADC Air Defense Command

ADC analog lớn digital converter

ADE application development engineer

ADF automatic direction finding

ADG air-driven generator

ADI attitude director indicator

ADIRS air data inertial reference system

ADIRU air data inertial reference unit

ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone

ADL aeronautical data link

ADLP airborne data links protocol

ADLP aircraft data links processor (Mode S)

ADM air data module

ADMS airline data management system

ADN aircraft data network

ADO airline dispatch office

ADO airport district office

ADP air driven pump

ADR accumulated Doppler range

ADR accumulated Delta range

ADR address

ADR Advanced Data Research

ADR alternative dispute resolution

ADRAS airplane data recovery và analysis system

ADS air data system

ADS automatic dependent surveillance

ADS-A ADS-addressed

ADS-A ADS-automation

ADS-B ADS-broadcast

ADS-C ADS-contract

ADS-R ADS-rebroadcast

ADSEL address selective

ADSP automatic dependent surveillance panel

ADSSG ADS Study Group (ICAO)

ADSU automatic dependent surveillance unit

ADT air data tester

AEA Aircraft Electronics Association

AEB Aerial Exploitation Battalion

AECU audio electronic control unit

AED automated engineering design

AEDT Aviation Environmental design Tool

AEE Office of Environment & Energy (FAA)

AEEC formerly Airlines Electronic Engi­neering Committee (ARINC)

AEO all engines operative

AEP ARINC engineering practices

AEP audio entertainment player

AERA automated en route air traffic control

AES aircraft earth station (Inmarsat)

AESA active electronically scanned array

AESS aircraft environment surveillance system

AEW airborne early warning

AEW&C Airborne Early Warning & Control

AF airway facilities

AFB Air Force base

AFC Aeronautical Frequency Committee (AEEC)

AFC automatic frequency compensa­tion

AFC automatic frequency control

AFCAS automatic flight control aug­mentation system

AFCS automatic flight control system

AFD adaptive flight display

AFD autopilot flight director

AFDC autopilot flight director computer

AFDS autopilot flight director system

AFDX avionics full-duplex switched Ethernet

AFEPS ACARS front-end processing system

AFGCS automatic flight guidance and control system

AFI authority format identifier

AFIRS autonomous flight information reporting system

AFIS airborne flight information system

AFIS automated flight inspection system

AFM aircraft flight manual

AFMS airplane flight manual supplement

AFMS automatic flight management system

AFN air traffic services facilities notification

AFP Airspace Flow Program

AFRL Air Force Research Lab

AFS additional secondary factors

AFS aeronautical fixed service (ICAO)

AFS automatic flight system

AFSK audio frequency shift keying

AFSS automated flight service stations

AFTN aeronautical fixed telecommuni­cations network

AFTRCC Aerospace and Flight demo Radio Coordinating Council

AFU artificial feel unit

AGACS automatic A/G communication system

AGAE A/G applications engineering

AGATE Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments (NASA)

AGC automatic gain control

AGCOS A/G communication services

AGCS air-ground communication systems

AGCU auxiliary generator control unit

AGD ADS-B guidance display

AGDL A/G data link

AGIS A/G intermediate system

AGL above ground level

AGR A/G router

AGRM air/ground router-regional manager

AGS A/G system

AGSS ACARS ground system standard (AEEC)

AGTS A/G demo station

AGVS A/G voice sub-network

AGW ARTS gateway

AHC attitude heading computer

AHMS aircraft health monitoring system

AHRS attitude heading reference system

AI alternative interrogator

AI application interface

AI area incursion

AIA Aerospace Industries Association

AIAA American Institute of Aeronau­tics và Astronautics

AIC aeronautical information circular

AIDC air traffic services interfacility data communications

AIDS aircraft/airborne integrated data system

AIED aeronautical industry engineer­ing and development

AIEM Airlines International Electronic Meeting (AMC)

AIFSS automated international flight service stations

AIL aileron

AIM aeronautical information management

AIM airman’s information manual

AIMS airplane information manage­ment system (Boeing 777)

AIMS airport information management system

AINSC aeronautical industry service communication

AIO analog input/output

AIP aeronautical information publication

AIP Airport Improvement Program

AIP analog input

AIR Aircraft Certification Service (FAA)

AIRAC aeronautical information regula­tion & control

AIRCOM digital air/ground communica­tions service (SITA)

AIRE Atlantic Interoperability Initiative to lớn Reduce Emissions (FAA)

AIRMET airman’s meteorological information

AIRO analog input/reference output

AIS aeronautical information service

AIS Automated Identification System (U.S. Army)

AIS automatic information services (Eurocontrol)

AISG Applications Interface Sub-Group (IATA)

AIT Advanced Individual Training (U.S. Army)

AIV accumulator isolation valve

AJPS AFEPS journal processing system

AK authentication key

AKO Army Knowledge Online

AL alarm limit

ALC airline link control

ALC asynchronous links control

ALC automatic màn chơi control

ALMDS airborne tia laze mine detection system

ALPA Air Line Pilots Association

ALPS automatic line protection service

ALS application layer structure

ALSF-2 Approach Lighting System with Sequenced Flashing Light-Model 2

ALT-HOLD altitude hold mode

ALT airborne liên kết terminal

ALT altitude/alternate

AltBOC alternate binary offset carrier

ALTM altimeter

ALTN alternate

ALTRV altitude reservation

ALTS altitude select

ALU arithmetic and xúc tích unit

AM access module

AM amplitude modulation

AMASS airport movement area safety system

AMC acceptable means of compliance (EASA)

AMC advanced mezzanine card

AMC Air Mobility Command

AMC auxiliary maintenance computer

AMC Avionics Maintenance Conference

AMCP aeronautical sản phẩm điện thoại communica­tions panel

AMD advisory bản đồ display

AME amplitude modulation equivalent

AMF Airborne, Maritime & Fixed Station

AMF-M AMF-Maritime

AMF-SA AMF-Small Airborne

AMF JTRS Airborne và Maritime/Fixed Station Joint Tactical Radio System

AMI airline modifiable information

AML approved model list

AMLCD active matrix liquid crystal display

AMIS aircraft management information system

AMOSS airline maintenance & operation tư vấn system

AMP audio management panel

AMP Avionics Modernization Program

AMPL amplifier

AMRAAM Advanced Medium-Range Air to lớn Air Missile

AMS acquisition management system

AMS apron management service

AMS ARINC maintenance service

AMS avionics management service

AmSAT American satellite

AMSL above mean sea level

AMS(R)S aeronautical thiết bị di động satellite (route) service

AMSS aeronautical mobile satellite service

AMTOSS aircraft maintenance task ori­ented tư vấn system

AMTS aeronautical message transfer service

AMU ACARS/avionics management unit

AMU audio management unit

AMUX audio multiplexer

ANC Air Navigation Commission (ICAO)

ANDC airport and navigation data compiler

ANFR Agence Nationale des Frequences (France)

ANFS aircraft network and file server

ANICS Alaskan NAS Interfacility Communication

ANLP ARINC network layer protocol

ANP actual navigation performance

ANP air navigation plan/performance

ANPA advanced notice of proposed amendment

ANPE actual navigation performance effect

ANR active noise reduction

ANS air navigation system

ANS ambient noise sensor

ANSI American National Standards Institute

ANSIR advanced navigation system iner­tial reference

ANSP air navigation service provider

ANSU avionics network hệ thống unit

ANTC advanced networking kiểm tra center

AO acronymic obfuscation

AO Area of Operation (U.S. Army)

AOA ACARS over aviation VHF link control

AOA angle of arrival

AOA angle of attack

AOAS advanced oceanic automation system

AOC aeronautical operational control

AOC aircraft operational control

AOC Airline Operational Control Center

AOC airline operations center

AOC airport obstruction chart

AOC airport operational communications

AOCC airline operations control center

AODB airport operational database

AODC age of data, clock (GPS)

AODE age of data, ephemeris (GPS)

AOG aircraft on ground

AOHE air/oil heat exchanger

AOM aircraft operating manual

AOP aeronautical OSI profile

AOP airline operational procedure

AOP analog output

AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

AOR Atlantic Ocean region

AOR area of responsibility

AOR-E Atlantic Ocean region-east

AOR-W Atlantic Ocean region-west

AP airport location (ACARS/AFEPS)

APA Allied Pilots Association

APA autopilot amplifier

APANPIRG Asia/PAC Air Navigation Planning và Implementation Regional Group

APAS Active/Passive Aircraft Survivability

APB acquisition program baseline

APB auxiliary power nguồn breaker

APC aeronautical passenger communication

APC aeronautical public correspondence

APC aircraft power nguồn conditioner

APC autopilot computer

APCO Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials - International

APFA Association of Professional Flight Attendants

APFDS autopilot flight director system

APEX application/executive software

APEX Airline Passenger Experience Association (formerly WAEA)

API application programming interface

APIM ARINC Industry Activities Project Initiation/ Modification

APIRS attitude và positioning inertial reference system

APMS automated performance measurement system

APL Applied Physics Laboratory

APLC airport performance máy tính computers

APM approach path monitor

APN ARINC packet network

APP approach control

APPR approach

APR actual performance reserve

APRL ATN profile requirement list

APU auxiliary nguồn unit

APUC auxiliary nguồn unit controller

APX application/executive software

AQF avionics qualification facility

AQP avionics qualification procedure/program

AQP advanced qualification program

AQS advanced quality system

AR authorization required

ARB arbitrary waveform generator

ARC aviation rulemaking committee (FAA)

ARD advanced requirement definition

ARDEP analysis of research & develop­ment in Eurocontrol programs

ARF airline risk factor

ARFORGEN Army Force Generation

ARM area regional manager

ARMC area regional maintenance center

ARMS Airspace resource management system

ARNS aeronautical radio navigation services

ARP aerospace recommended practice

ARP airport reference point

ARP antenna reference point

ARTAS ATM surveillance tracker & server

ARTCC air route traffic control center

ARTP NextGen Aviation Research and Technology Park

ARTS automated radar terminal system

ASA aircraft surveillance applications

ASAS aircraft separation assurance system (AEEC)

ASAS aircraft surveillance application system

ASAS aviation safety analysis system

ASC aircraft system controller

ASC aural synthesizer card

ASCII American standard code for information interchange

ASCB avionics standard communication bus

ASCPC air supply and cabin pressure controllers

ASCS air supply control system

ASCU anti-skid control unit

ASD aircraft situation display

ASDAR aircraft-to-satellite data relay

ASDB aircraft specific database

ASDE airport surface detection equipment

ASDE-3 airport surface detection equipment, model 3

ASDE-X airport surface detection equipment, model X

ASDI Aircraft Situation Display lớn Industry

ASDL aeronautical satellite data link

ASDR airport surface detection radar

ASE aircraft survivability equipment (U.S. Army)

ASE altimetry system error

ASECNA Agency for Security of Aerial Nav­igation in Africa and Madagascar

ASG ARINC signal gateway

ASI airspeed indicator

ASI avionics system integration

ASIAS Aviation Safety Information Analysis & Sharing (FAA)

ASIC application specific integrated circuit

ASL above sea level

ASM airspace management

ASM autothrottle servo motor

ASME American Society of Mechani­cal Engineers

ASOR Allocating Safety Objectives & Requirements

ASOS automated surface observa­tion system

ASP ACARS sub-network protocol

ASP acquisition strategy paper

ASP aeronautical fixed service sys­tems planning (AFS)

ASP Airspace Systems Program (NASA)

ASP altitude mix panel

ASP arrival sequencing program

ASPIRE Asia & Pacific Initiative khổng lồ Reduce Emissions

ASPP application specific program­mable processor

ASR airport surveillance radar

ASRAAM advanced short range air-to-air missile

ASRS aviation safety reporting system

ASSA Airport Surface Situational Awareness

ASSTC aerospace simulation và sys­tems kiểm tra center

ASSV alternate source selection valve

ASTA airport surface traffic automation

ASTAMIDS Airborne Standoff Minefield Detection System

ASTERIX All-Purpose Structured Euro­control Surveillance Information Exchange

ASTF airspace system task force

ASTM American Society for Testing & Materials

ASTOR Airborne Stand-Off Radar (U.K.)

ASVI avionics serial đoạn phim interface

ASV alternate servo valve

AT air transport

AT at an altitude

ATA actual time of arrival

ATA Air Transport Association

ATAS aviation traffic và application software

ATC advanced công nghệ center

ATC air traffic control

ATCA Air Traffic Control Association

ATCBI ATC beacon interrogator

ATCC area và terminal control center

ATCRBS ATC radar beacon system

ATCSS ATC signaling system

ATCT air traffic control tower

ATIS airport traffic information system

ATIS automated terminal informa­tion service

ATIS-B automatic terminal information service-broadcast

ATDL air transport data link

ATE automatic thử nghiệm equipment

ATE avionics test and evaluation

ATFM air traffic flow management

ATG advanced concept technology demonstration

ATHR autothrust system

ATI airborne tracker illuminator

ATIDS airport surface target identifi­cation system/ service

ATIS airport traffic information system

ATIS automatic terminal information service

ATL autothrottle limit

ATLAS abbreviated test language for avionics systems

ATM air traffic management

ATM asynchronous transfer mode

ATMAC Air Traffic Management Committee (RTCA)

ATMAS ATM automation system

ATMB Air Traffic Management Bureau (China)

ATM DSS ATM decision support service

ATMS area navigation, test & man­agement services

ATN aeronautical telecommunica­tion network

ATNE ATN engineering

ATNP ATN panel

ATO air traffic operations

ATO Air Traffic Organization (FAA)

ATOL automatic take-off and landing

ATOP advanced technologies và oce­anic procedures

ATP acceptance demo procedure/plan

ATPAC Air Traffic Procedures Advisory Committee (FAA)

ATR acceptance demo report

ATR air transport racking

ATR air transport radio: ARINC form-factor/ standard case dimensions

ATS air traffic services

ATS air turbine starter

ATS autothrottle system

ATS air traffic service

ATSAP Air Traffic Safety action Program (FAA)

ATSAW Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness

ATSC air traffic services communication

AT/SC autothrottle/speed control

ATSGF air traffic services geographic filter

ATSMP air traffic services message pro­cessor

ATSO air traffic services organization

ATSP air traffic services provider

ATSRAC Aging Transport Systems Rule­making Advisory Committee (U.S.)

ATSU air traffic services unit

ATWR apron tower (and operator)

AUSRIRE All Union Scientific Research Institute of Radio Equipment: CIS (former Soviet) agency

AUX auxiliary

AVC aviation VHF car rental availability (messages)

AVH aviation VHF khách sạn availability (messages)

AVIM Aviation Intermediate level Maintenance (U.S. Army)

AVL automated vehicle locations

AVLAN avionics local area network

AVLC aviation VHF liên kết control

AVM airborne vibration monitor

AVS aviation VHF seat availability

AVOD audio and đoạn phim channels on demand

AVOL aerodrome visibility operational level

AVPAC aviation VHF packet communications

AVS aviation VHF seat availability (messages)

AVUM Aviation Unit-Level Maintenance (U.S. Army)

AWACS airborne warning và control sys­tem

AWAS automated weather advisory sta­tion

AWG American wire gauge

AWIN advanced weather information system

AWIN aviation weather information

AWIPS advanced weather interactive processing system

AWLU aircraft wireless LAN unit

AWM auto warning mixer

AWO all weather operations

AWOP AWO panel

AWOS automated/airport weather observing system

AWR aviation weather research

AZ azimuth: angular measurement in horizontal plane


B-NAV basic area navigation

BAMS Broad Area Maritime Surveillance

BBML broadband multi-link

BCD binary code decimal

BCT Brigade Combat Team (U.S. Army)

BCTM Brigade Combat Team Modernization (U.S. Army)

BDA battle damage assessment

BDA bomb damage assessment

BDMIS business data management và invoicing system

BDRVT Bi-Diretional Remote đoạn clip Terminal

BDS comm-B designation subfield

BEA Bureau d’Enquetes Accidents (French equivalent of NTSB)

BEBS best-equipped/best-served

BEP back-end processor

BEPMS BEP management system

BER bit error rate

BFE buyer furnished equipment

BFO beat frequency oscillator

BFS broadband fiber source

BFT blue Force Tracking

BGARS basic general aviation research simulator

BGI bus grant inhibit

BGP border gateway protocol

BI burn-in

Bi-SC Bi-Strategic Command

BiG bilingual ground station (ACARS và VDL Mode 2)

BIH Bureau l’International de l’Heure

BIS boundary intermediate system

BISMS BIS management system

BIST built-in self-test

BiSync binary synchronous control

BIT built-in test

Bit binary digit

BITE built-in test equipment

BIU bus interface unit

BLK block/black

BLI budget line item

BLOS beyond line of sight

BMV brake metering valve

BNR binary

BNR binary numerical representation

BNS boundary notification system (squitters)

BOC binary offset carrier

BOC bottom of climb

BOP/COP bit-oriented protocol/character-oriented protocol

BP bite processor

BPCU bus power nguồn control unit

BPL broadband over powerlines

BPS bits per second

BPSK binary phase shift keying

BR basic regulation

BR bridge

BRG bearing

BRI basic rate interface

BRNAV basic area navigation

BRT brightness

BSG baseband signal generator

BSN backbone sub-network

BSC binary synchronous communication

BSCU brake system control unit

BSP board tư vấn package

BSU beam steering unit

BSU bypass switch unit

BTB bus tie breaker

BTMU brake temperature monitor unit

BU backup

BUEC BU emergency communications

BUFR binary universal khung for commu­nication representation

BW bandwidth

BWAN BU wide area network

Byte a grouping of eight bits


C2 command & control

C3 command, control and communication

C41 command, control, communica­tions, computers và intelligence

C4ISR command, control, communica­tions, computers, intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance

C-MANPADS Counter-Man Portable Air Defense System

C/A code course acquisition code (GPS)

C/NO carrier-to-noise mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa ratio

C/R command/response

C/SOIT communications/surveillance operational implementation team

C/UT code/unit test

C&C command and control

C&W control and warning

CA conflict alert

CAA Cargo Airline Association

CAA Civil Aviation Administration

CAA Civil Aviation Authority

CAAC Civil Aviation Administration of China

CAAFI Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (FAA)

CAAS common avionics architecture system

CAASD Center for Advanced Aviation System Development (MITRE Corp.)

CAB Civil Aeronautics Board

CAB combat aviation brigade (U.S. Army)

CAC caution advisory computer

CACP cabin area control panel

CAD computer-aided design

CADC central air data computer

CADS centralized automatic dependent surveillance

CAE component application engineer

CAGE commercial avionics GPS engine

CAH cabin attendant handsets

CAI caution annunciator indicator

CALSEL variation of SELCAL system

CAM computer-aided manufacturing

CAN controller area network

CANbus control area network

CANSO Civil Air Navigation Services Organization

CAOC Combined Air Operations Center

CAP Civil Air Patrol (U.S.)

CAP Collaborative Arrival Planning

CAPA Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations

CAPS commercial airliner protection system

CARE cooperative actions on R&D in Eurocontrol

CARTS Common Automated Radar Terminal System

CAS CDTI assisted separation

CAS close air support

CAS collision avoidance system

CAS commercially available software

CAS computed airspeed

CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority

CASA controller automated spacing aid

CASCADE Co-operative ATS (Air Traffic Services) through Surveillance và Communication Applications Deployed in ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference)

CASE computer-aided software engineering

CASR Civil Aviation Safety Regulations

CASS Consolidated Automated tư vấn System

CAT categories (I, II, IIIa/b/c) approach

CAT clear air turbulence

CAT computer aided testing

CATEX categorical exclusion

CATM Collaborative Air Traffic Management

CATMT Collaborative Air Traffic Management Technologies

CAVS CDTI assisted visual separation

CBA cost/benefit analysis

CBM condition based maintenance

CBP Customs và Border Patrol (U.S.)

CBRNE chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear high yield explosives (U.S. Army)

CBT computer-based training

CC connection confirm

CCA circuit card assembly

CCB configuration control board

CCB converter circuit breaker

CCD category class diagram

CCD charged coupled device

CCD coherent change detection

CCD cursor control device

CCIR International Radio Consultative Committee

CCITT Consultative Committee Interna­tional Telephone and Telegraph

CCP consolidated control panel

CCS cabin communication system

CCS common bộ vi xử lý core system

CCSD common constraint situation display

CCTV closed-circuit television

CD carrier detect

CD chrominance difference

CDA continuous descent approach

CDA coordinating thiết kế authority

CDAM centralized data acquisition module

CDAM common data acquisition module

CDG configuration database generator

CDI course deviation indicator

CDM collaborative decision-making

CDMS CDM system

CDMS control & data management system

CDP continuous data program

CDQM collaborative departure queue management

CDR critical design review

CDS central dispatch system

CDS cockpit display systems

CDS common display system

CDSS cockpit door surveillance system

CDT controlled departure time

CDTI cockpit display of traffic information

CDU control display unit

CDV compressed digital video

CEC cooperative engagement capability

CEI cabin equipment interfaces


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Central Command

CENTRIXS Combined Enterprise Regional Exchange System

CEP circular error probable

CEQ Council on Environmental Quality

CF certification

CF change field

CFDIU centralized fault display interface unit

CFDS central fault display system

CFDU configurable file data unit

CFIT controlled flight into terrain

CFM cubic feet per minute

CFM configuration management

CFMU central flow management unit

CFR Code of Federal Regulations

CFS cabin tệp tin server

CG center of gravity

CHAIN Compartmented High Assurance Information Network

CHI computer/human interface

CHIS center hydraulic isolation system

CI configuration item

CI cabin interphone

CID category interaction diagram

CIDIN common ICAO data interchange network

CIDS cabin interphone distribution system

CIE Commission Internationale de I‘Eclairage

CIGS copper-indium-gallium-diselenide

CIP capital investment plan

CIP convergence & implementation program (Eurocontrol)

CIS common information services

CIS corporate information system

CLEEN Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions & Noise Program (FAA)

CLNP connectionless network protocol

CLNS connectionless network service

CLTP connectionless mode transport protocol

CM context/configuration management

CMC central maintenance computer

CMCF CMC function

CMCS CMC system

CMD command

CMF common message format

CMGT contract management

CMM capability maturity model

CMM common mode monitor

CMM component maintenance manual

CMN control motion noise

CMOS complementary metal oxide semiconductor

CMP configuration management plan

CMS cabin management system

CMU communication management unit

CND can not duplicate

CNDB customized navigation database

CNES Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (France)

CNG 2020+ carbon neutral growth from 2020 và beyond (AIA)

CNI communications, navigation và identification

CNP communications/navigation/pulse

CNR customer notification reports

CNS communication, navigation surveillance

CNS/ATM communications, navigation, sur­veillance/air traffic management

CNSI communications/navigation/surveillance/ identification

CNUS cabin network server unit

COA certificate of authorization

COCOM combatant commander (U.S. Army)

CODEC coder/decoder

CofA certificate of airworthiness

COM cockpit operating manual

COMINT communications intelligence

COMINT/DF COMINT direction finding

COMM communications

COM/MET/OPS communications/meteorological/ operations

CON continuous

CONEMP concept of employment (U.S. Army)

CONOPS concept of operations

CONUS continental United States

CONUSE concept of use

COP character-oriented protocol

COP common operating picture (U.S. Army)

COTP connection-oriented transport protocol

COTR contracting officer’s technical representative

COTS commercial-off-the-shelf

CP central processor

CP conflict probe

CP control panel

CPA closest point of approach

CPA collision prediction & alerting

CPC cabin pressure controller

CPC controller-pilot communications

CPC cursor position control

CPCI computer program configuration item

CPCS cabin pressure control system

CPDLC controller-pilot data liên kết commu­nications

CPE circular position error

CPI continuous process improvement

CPM bộ vi xử lý core processing module

CPM critical path method

CPR compact position reporting

CPS cabin pressure sensor

CPS central processing system

CPU central processing unit

CR change of request

CR connection request

CR contrast ratio

CRA conflict resolution advisory

CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet

CRC cyclic redundancy checking/code

CRD Concepts và Requirements Directorate (U.S. Army)

CRD current routing domain

CRADA cooperative research & devel­opment agreement

CRDA converging runway display aid

CRM crew/cockpit resource management

CRPA controlled reception pattern antenna

CRS Congressional Research Service (U.S.)

CRISD computer resources integrated support document

CRISTAL CoopeRative Validation of Surveil­lance Techniques và Applications (Eurocontrol)

CRM collision risk model

CRM crew resource management

CRMA code reuse multiple access

CRR cutover readiness review

CRS course

CRT cathode ray tube

CRTC combat readiness training center

CRZ cruise

CS commercial service

CS common service

CS control station

CSC cargo system controller

CSC common signaling channel

CSC computer software component

CSCI computer software configuration item

CSD Coalition Shared Databases (U.S. Army)

CSF command/status frame

CSMA carrier sense multiple access

CSMA/CD carrier sense multiple access with collision detection

CSCP cabin system control panel

CSDB commercial standard data bus

CSDS cargo smoke detector system

CSEU control systems electronics unit

CSMM crash survivable memory modules

CSMU cabin system management unit

CSP Common Sensor Payload

CSPA closely spaced parallel approach

CSPO closely spaced parallel operations

CSPR closely spaced parallel runways

CSS cabin systems subcommittee (ARINC)

CSTAC Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee

CSU channel service unit

CSU computer software unit

CSU configuration strapping unit

CTA control area

CTA controlled time of arrival

CTAF common traffic advisory frequency

CTAI cowl thermal anti-icing

CTAS center TRACON automation system

CTC cabin temperature controller

CTC combat training centers (U.S. Army)

CTD cabin training device

CTL control

CTMO centralized air traffic flow man­agement organization

CTOL conventional take-off và landing

CTR center

CTR control zone

CTRD configuration chạy thử requirements document

CTRL control

CTS clear lớn send

CTS conformance chạy thử suite

CTS/TCTS combat training system/tactical combat training system

CTU cabin telecommunications unit

CU channel utilization

CU combiner unit (HUD)

CU control unit

CUG closed user group

CUTE common use terminal equipment

CV/DFDR cockpit voice và digital flight data recorder

CVR cockpit voice recorder

CVRCP cockpit voice recorder control panel

CW clockwise

CW continuous wave

CWI continuous wave interference

CWID Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration

CWP central weather processor

CWP controller/ed working position

CWS control wheel steering

CY calendar year


D8PSK differential 8-phase-shift keying

D-ATIS digital automatic terminal information service

D-OTIS data links operational terminal service

D-TAXI data link taxi clearance delivery

D-TOC digital transfer of communications

DA descent advisor

DA design authority

DA thiết kế altitude

DA digital-to-analog

DABS discrete addressable beacon system

DAC digital-to-analog converters

DADC digital air data computer

DADS digital air data system

DAE defense acquisition executive (U.S. Army)

DA(H) thiết kế altitude (height)

DAISS digital airborne intercommunica­tion switching system

DAP digital service access product

DAP direct kích hoạt penetration

DAP downlink aircraft parameter

DAP download of aircraft parameter

DAR data access recorder

DARC direct access radar channel

DARP dynamic aircraft route planning

DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (U.S.)

DAS designated alteration station

DAS digital audio subcommittee

DAS distributed aperture system

DASS defensive sida sub-system

DB database

dB decibel

dBA dB adjusted

DBI downlink block identifier

dBI dB referenced khổng lồ an isotropic antenna

dBI decibels above isotopic circular

dBM dB below 1 milliwatt

DBS direct broadcast satellite

DBU database unit

DBU dial backup

dBW dB-watts or referenced lớn 1 watt

DC data communications

DC direct current

DC disconnect confirm

DCA Department of Civil Aviation (Thailand)

DCAS digital control audio system

DCD double channel duplex

DCE data communications equipment

DCGF data conversion gateway function

DCL departure clearance (European)

DCM digital coherent mute

DCMF data communication management function

DCMS data communication management system

DCN document/drawing/design change notice

DCP data communication process

DCP display control panel

DCS double channel simplex

DCU data concentration unit

DCV directional control valve

DD data delivery

DD data distribution

DDA digital differential analyzer

DDD dual disk drive

DDL digital data link

DDM difference in depth of modulation

DDP declarations of design and performance

DDR draft document review

DDR double data rate

DDRMI digital distance radio magnetic indicator

DDS direct digital synthesizer

DDT downlink data transfer

DDU data distribution unit

DER designated engineering representative

DERA Defense Research and Evaluation Agency (U.K.)

DEU display electronics unit

DF direction finding

DFA direction finding antenna

DFCS digital flight control system

DFDAF digital flight data acquisition function

DFDAMU digital flight data acquisition management unit

DFDAU digital flight data acquisition unit

DFDR digital flight data recorder

DFDU digital flight data unit

DFGC digital flight guidance computer

DFGS digital flight guidance system

DFIDU dual function interactive display unit

DFIU digital flight instrument unit

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (Germany)

DFS digital frequency select

DfT Department for Transport (U.K.)

DFU digital function unit

DG directional gyro

DGNSS differential global navigation sat­ellite system

DGPS differential global positioning system

DH decision height

DHCP dynamic host configuration protocol

DHS Department of Homeland Security

DI data interrupt

DIFAX digital facsimile

DIGNU deeply integrated guidance & navigation unit

DIP data interrupt program

DIP dual in-line package

DIR director

DIRCM direct infrared countermeasures

DIR/INTC direct intercept

DISA Defense Information Systems Agency (U.S.)

DISC disconnect

DISCH discharge

DIST distance

DITS data information transfer system

DL data link

DLAP data links application processor

DLC data links control

DLCI data liên kết control identifier

DLE data links entity

DLK data link

DLL data links layer

DLM data liên kết management unit

DLME data link and message engineering

DL/MSU data loader/mass storage unit

DLNA diplexer/low-noise amplifier

DLORT data links operational requirements team

DLP data links processor

DLS data liên kết service/system

DLU tải về unit

DM disconnected mode

DMA direct memory access

DMD digital memory device

DME distance measuring equipment

DME/N DME normal

DME/P DME precision

DMM data memory module

DMS data link management system

DMS debris monitoring sensor

DMU data management unit

DoD Department of Defense (U.S.)

DoT Department of Transportation (U.S.)

DOTS dynamic ocean tracking system

DPI dots per inch

DPR dual port RAM

DPSK differential phase shift keying

DR dead reckoning

DR deduced reckoning

DRAM dynamic random access memory

DRER designated radio engineering representative (FAA)

DRN document release notice

DRVSM domestic reduced vertical separation minimum

DSAD digital service access device

DSARC defense system acquisition review cycle

DSB double side band

DSB-AM DSB-amplitude modulation

DSDU data signal display unit

DSF display system function

DSP data liên kết service provider

DSP departure sequencing program

DSP digital signal processor

DSP display select panel

DSP tên miền specific part

DSPDRV display driver

DSR display system replacement

DSS decision support services

DST decision support tool

DSU data signaling unit

DT&E development test and evaluation

DTD data terminal display

DTD document type definition

DTE data terminal equipment

DTED digital terrain evaluation data

DTG distance-to-go

DTM demonstration demo milestone

DTMF dual tone multifrequency (telephone)

DTP distributed targeting processor

DTPDU data protocol data unit

DTRS data transceiver router server

DTS digital theater systems

DTU data transfer unit

DU display unit

DUAT direct user access terminal

DUATS direct user access terminal system

DUST dual-use science and technology

DVF demonstration and validation facility

DVM digital voltmeter

DVMC digital clip map computer

DVOR Doppler VHF omnidirectional range DVRS digital voice recorder system

DWAN direct wide area network


E-PIREPS electronic pilot reports

E/D end-of-descent

E/O engine-out

E&E electronics and equipment

EA electronic attack

EA enterprise architecture

EA environmental assessment

EAA Experimental Aircraft Association


EAD engine alert display

EAD European AIS database (Eurocontrol)

EADI electronic attitude director indicator

EADS European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co.

EAFR enhanced airborne flight recorder

EAI engine anti-ice

EAL evaluation assurance level

EAL-7 evaluation assurance level-7

EANPG European Air Navigation Planning Group

EAP engine alert processor

EAROM electrically alterable read-only memory

EARTS en route automated radar tracking system

EAS equivalent airspeed

EASA European Aviation Safety Agency

EASIE enhanced ATM and Mode S implementation in Europe

EATCHIP European air traffic control har­monization & integration program

EATMS European ATM System (Eurocontrol)

EATRADA European ATM Research và Development Association

EBR extended bit rate

EC European Commission

ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference

ECAM electronic caution alert module

ECC error correcting code

ECEF earth-centered, earth-fixed

ECJ European Court of Justice

ECL emitter coupler logic

eCM equipment conditioning monitoring

ECMP electronic component manage­ment system

ECN engineering change notice

ECO engineering change order

ECP EICAS control panel

ECP engineering change proposal

ECS engineering compiler system

ECS environmental control system

ECS sự kiện criterion subfield

ECSL left environmental control system card

ECSMC environmental control system

miscellaneous card

ECSR right environmental control system card

ECU electronic control unit

ED EICAS display

EDA electronic design automation

EDAC error detection and correction

EDARC enhanced direct access radar channel

EDC error detection & correction

EDDS electronic document distribution service

EDI electronic data interchange

EDI engine data interface

EDIF engine data interface function

EDIS emergency digital information service

EDIU engine data interface unit

EDMS electronic data management system

EDP electronic data processing

EDP engineering development pallet

EDP engine driven pump

EDS embedded diagnostic system

EDS explosive detection system

EDU electronic display unit

EE electrical engineer

EE electronics equipment

EEAS enhanced en-route automation system

EEC electronic engine control

EEC Eurocontrol Experimental Center

EEPROM electrical erasable programmable ROM

EEU electrical load management system electronics unit

EFB electronic flight bag

EFC expected further clearance

EFD electronic flight display

EFDP European flight data processing (Eurocontrol)

EFIC electronic flight instrument controller

EFIP electronic flight instrument processor

EFIS electronic flight instrument system

EFIS CP EFIS control panel

EFVS enhanced flight vision system

EGI embedded GPS/INS

EGIHO expedited ground-initiated handoff

EGNOS European Geostationary Overlay System

EGP exterior gateway protocol

EGPWS enhanced ground proximity warning system

EGT exhaust gas temperature

EHF extremely high frequency

EHSI electronic horizontal situation indicator

EHV electro-hydraulic valve

EIA Electrical Institute of America

EIA Electronic Industries Association

EICAS engine indication and crew alert system


EIPI extended initial protocol identifier

EIRP earth incident radiated power

EIRP effective isotropic radiation power

EIS electronic instrument system

EIS engine indication system

EIS environmental impact statement

EISA extended industry standard architecture

EIU electronic interface unit

ELB electronic logbook

ELEC electrical

ELM extended length message

ELMS electrical load management system

eLORAN enhanced long range aid to navigation

ELOS equivalent màn chơi of safety (U.S. Army)

ELS electronic library system

ELT emergency locator transmitter

EM electromagnetic

EM element manager

EMATS endurance management air traffic system

EMC electromagnetic compatibility

EMC entertainment multiplexer controller

EMD engineering, manufacturing và development

EMER emergency

EMI electromagnetic interference

EMP electro magnetic pulse

EMS emergency medical services

EMS engine management system

EMS environmental management system

EMU expansion module unit

ENG engine

ENOC engineering network operations center

EO/IR electro-optic/infrared

EOC emergency operations center (U.S. Army)

EOD kết thúc of day

EO DAS electro-optical distributed aper­ture system

EOLA European pre-operational data links applications

EOM over of message

EOT end of text

EOTS electro-optical targeting system

EP engineering project

EP external power

EPC engineering project contractor

EPCS engine propulsion control system

EPLD electronically programmable lô ghích device

EPLRS enhanced position location và reporting system

EPR engine pressure ratio

EPR environmental protection requirements (Europe)

EPROM erasable programmable ROM

EPS electrical nguồn system

EPU estimated position uncertainty

EPV end-point voltage

EQTG electronic qualification kiểm tra guide

ERA Environmentally Responsible Aviation program (AIA)

ERAM En Route Automation Moderniza­tion

ERAST environment research aircraft và sensor technology

ERB Engineering review Board

ERD over routing domain

ERMP extended range multi purpose

EROPS extended range operations

ERP effective radiation power

ERP eye reference point

ERPDU error protocol data unit

ERP PDU echo trả lời protocol data unit

ERQ PDU echo request protocol data unit

ERU engine replay unit

ES kết thúc system

ES extended squitter

ESA European Space Agency

ESAI electronic standby attitude indicator

ESAS electronic situation awareness system

ESAS enhanced situational awareness system

ESD electrostatic discharge

ESDS electrostatic discharge & soldering

ESH kết thúc system hello

ESID engine & system indication display

ESIS electronic standby instrument system

ESIS engine and system indication system

ESM electronic support measures

ESOIC enhanced small-outline IC

ESR equivalent-series resistance

ESS electronic switching system

ESS environmental bao tay screening

ESSD electrostatic sensitive devices

ESU environmental sensor unit

ETA estimated time of arrival

ETAS enhanced TRACON/tower auto­mation system

ETB over of block (ASCII/IA5 character)

ETB engineering chạy thử bed

ETC estimated time of completion

ETD estimated time of departure

ETE estimated time enroute

ETI elapsed time indicator

ETM elapsed time measurement

ETM electronic training manuals

ETMS engine-trend monitoring services

ETMS enhanced traffic management system

ETNO European Telecommunications Network Operators

ETOPS extended operations

ETOPS extended twin-engine operations

ETP equal time point (halfway there, by time)

ETRC expected taxi ramp clearances

ETS Emission Trading Scheme

ETVS enhanced terminal voice switch

ETX end of transmission

EU electronic unit

EU European Union

EUAFS enhanced upper air forecast system

EUPS external uninterruptible power nguồn supply


EURET European research on transport systems

EUROCAE European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment (European equivalent of RTCA)

EUROCONTROL European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation

EV earned value

EVM error vector magnitude

eVTOL electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft

EVS enhanced vision system

EW electronic warfare

EWIS electrical wiring interconnection system

EZAP enhanced zonal analysis procedures


F Fahrenheit

F/O first officer

F&E facilities and equipment

FA final approach

FAA Federal Aviation Administration (U.S.)

FAA/EURO FAA/Eurocontrol R&D committee

FAATC FAA Technical Center

FAB functional airspace blocks

FAB-T family of advanced beyond-line-of-sight terminals

FAC Federal Advisory Committee

FAC final approach course

FAC flight augmentation computer

FACT future airport capability task

FADEC full authority digital engine/elec­tronic control

FAF final approach fix

FAI first article inspection

FAMIS full aircraft management/inertial system

FANS Future Air Navigation System (ICAO)

FAR federal acquisition regulation

FAR federal aviation regulation

FAROA Final Approach Runway Occupancy Awareness

FAS final approach segment

FAST final approach spacing tool

FAT factory acceptance test

FBCB2 Force XXI Battle Command Bri­gade và Below

FBL fly by light

FBN fly by night

FBO fixed-base operator

FBW fly by wire

FC functional capability

FC foot candles

FC-AV Fibre Channel-Audio Video

FCA functional configuration audit

FCC Federal Communications Com­mission (U.S.)

FCC flight control computer

FCDC flight critical direct current

FCL flight crew licensing (EASA)

FCM future concepts for maintenance

FCMA FANS Central Monitoring Agency

FCP flight control panel

FCP flight control processor

FCS flight control system

FCS frame check sequence

FCS Future Combat Systems

FCS future concepts for simulators

FD fault detection

FD flight dynamics/director

FD final data

FDAF flight data acquisition function

FDAU flight data acquisitions unit

FDB flight plan data bank

FDDI fiber distribution data interface

FDE fault detection and exclusion

FDEP flight data entry panel

FDH flight deck handset

FDI fault detection & isolation

FDIMU flight data interface management unit

FDIO flight data input/output

FDM flight data monitoring

FDM frequency division multiplex

FDMA frequency division multiple access

FDMS flight deck merging and spacing

FDPS flight data processing system

FDR flight data recorder

FDRS flight data recorder system

FDP flight data processor

FEATS Future European Air Traffic System

FEC forward error correction

FEP front-end processor

FERNS Far East Radio Navigation Service

FF fuel flow

FFS full flight simulator

FFT full flight trainer

FGC flight guidance computer

FGS flight guidance system

FHA functional hazard assessment

FIAO flight inspection area office

FIB forwarding information base

FIFO first in, first out

FIM fault isolation manual

FIR flight information region

FIS flight information services

FIS-B FIS-broadcast

FIX position in space usually on aircraft’s flight plan

FL flight level

FL foot lampert

FLCH flight màn chơi change

FLEX flexibility in the terminal environment

FLIR forward-looking infrared

FLTCK flight check

FltWinds flight and weather information và decision support

FLW forward-looking windshear radar

FM frequency modulation

FMA flight mode annunciator

FMAC Frequency Management Advisory Council

FMC flight management control/computer

FMC field programmable gate array mezzanine card

FMC future concepts for maintenance

FMCDU flight management control and display unit

FMCF flight management computer function

FMCS flight management computer system

FMCW frequency-modulated continuous wave

FMEA failure mode and effects analysis

FMF flight management function

FMGC flight management guidance computer

FMGEC flight management guidance envelope computer

FMP flight mode panel

FMS flight management system

FMS full mission simulator

FMS-ATM Flight Management System-Air Traffic


FMSG Frequency Management Study Group (ICAO)

FMST flight management system trainer

FMU fuel metering unit

FMV full motion video

FNPRM further notice of proposed rulemaking

FOC flight operations center

FOC full operational capability

FOC fuel/oil cooler

FOD foreign object debris

FODA flight operations data assurance

FOG fiber optic gyro

FONSI finding no significant (environmental) impact

FOQA flight operational chất lượng assurance

FOS fiber optics subcommittee (AEEC)

FOSA flight operator surface application

FOV field of view

FOWG Fiber Optics Working Group (Naval Air Systems Command)

FPA flight path angle

FPA focal plane array

FPAC flight path acceleration

FPC flight profile comparator

FPGA field programmable gate array

FPM feet per minute

FPV flight path vector

FQIS fuel chất lượng indicating system

FQPU fuel unique processor unit

FQR formal qualification review

FR frame relay

FRA flap retraction altitude

FRAD frame relay access device

FRCS flight recorder configuration standard

FRED flight recorder electronic documentation

FRM fault reporting manual

FRM flammability reduction means

FRM frame reject mode

FRMR frame reject

FRP Federal Radionavigation Plan (U.S.)

FRPA fixed reception pattern antenna

FRQ frequency

FSAS flight service automation system

FSDO Flight Standards District Office (FAA)

FSE FANS systems engineering

FSE field service engineer

FSEMC Flight Simulator Engineering and Maintenance Conference

FSEU flap slat electronics unit

FSF Flight Safety Foundation

FSM flight schedule monitoring

FSR field service representative

FSS flight service station

FSWE FANS software engineering

FT functional test

FT/ADIRS fault tolerant/air data inertial reference system

FTE flight technical error

FTK freight tonne kilometers

FTP tệp tin transfer protocol

FTPP fault tolerant power panel

FTS Federal Telecommunications System

FUE first unit equipped (U.S. Army)

FUSE family of unmanned systems experiments (U.S. Army)

FVHF future VHF system study (Eurocontrol)

FW failure warning

FWC flight warning computer

FWD forward

FWS flight warning system


G/A ground/air or ground-to-air

G/G ground/ground

G/S glide slope

GA general aviation

GA go-around

GAAS gallium arsenide

GACS genetic ATN communications service

GAGAN geostationary augmentation network

GAIN galley inserts

GAIT ground-based augmentation & integrity technique

GAMA General Aviation Manufacturers Association

GAN global area network

GAO Government Accountability Office (U.S.)

GATM global air traffic management

GAViS general aviation vision system

GBAS ground-based augmentation system

GBSAA ground-based sense và avoid

GBST ground-based software tool

GBT ground-based transceiver

Gbyte gigabyte (billion bytes)

GCA ground-controlled approach

GCAS ground collision avoidance system

GCB generator circuit breaker

GCC ground cluster controller (ACARS)

GCP glare-shield control panel

GCS ground clutter suppression

GCS ground control station

GCU generator control unit

GDLP ground data link processor

GDOP geometric dilution of precision

GDP ground delay program

GENOT general notice

GEO geosynchronous/geostationary earth orbit

GEP ground entry point

GES ground earth station

GFE government furnished equipment

GFI general format identifier

GFLOPS gigaflops

GFSK Gaussian frequency shift keying

GG graphics generator

GGR G/G router

GGS GPS ground station

GGTFM ground-ground traffic flow man­agement

GH ground handling

GHG greenhouse gas

GHz gigahertz

GI group identifier

GIB global navigation satellite system integrity broadcast

GIC global navigation satellite system integrity channel

GIC GPS integrity channel

GIG Global Information Grid

GIG-BE GIG-Band Expansion

GICB ground-initiated comm-B

GIHO ground initiated handoff

GINS GPS-inertial navigation systems

GIOVE-A Galileo In-Orbit Validation Experiment-A

GIP government-industry partnership

GIS geodetic information system

GIS geographic information system

GIS graphical information system

GIVE grid inospheric vertical error

GJU Galileo joint undertaking

GL ground location (ACARS/AFEPS)

GL group length

GLC geographic locator codes

GLNS GPS landing và navigation system

GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System (Russia)

GLS GNSS landing system

GLS GPS landing system

GLU GPS landing unit

GM guidance material

GMC ground movement control

GMDS ground sản phẩm điện thoại data service

GMR giant magnetoresistive

GMT Greenwich mean time

GMTI ground moving target indicator

GMU GPS monitoring unit

GNA global network architecture

GNE gross navigational error

GNR global navigation receiver

GNSS global navigation satellite system


GoMATS Gulf of Mexico advanced traffic surveillance

GOMEX Gulf of Mexico

GOPS giga operations

GOS grade of service

GOSIP government open systems interconnection profile

GP general purpose

GPADIRS global positioning, air data, inertial reference system

GPCBT guidelines for the production of computer-based training (Eurocontrol)

GP&C global positioning and communications

GPIB general purpose instrument bus

GPIRS global positioning/inertial reference system

GPP general purpose processor

GPPU general-purpose processing unit

GPRS general packet radio services

GPS Global Positioning System

GPSSU GPS sensor unit

GPU ground power unit

GPWC ground proximity warning computer

GPWS ground proximity warning system

GR ground router

GRAS ground-based regional augmentation system

GRIP gridded binary (National Weather Service model output)

GRP geographic reference point

GS ground speed/station

GSC ground station controller (ACARS)

GSE ground support equipment

GSIF ground station information frame

GSM global systems mobile

GSMS ground station management system

GSP glare shield panel

GTC ground terminal computer

GUI graphical user interface

GVA geometric vertical accuracy

GVE graphics vector engine

GW gateway

GWDS graphic weather display system

GWS graphical weather services


HAA high-altitude airship

HAATA Houston Area Airspace Transition System

HAD hardware architecture document

HADDS Host Air Traffic Management Data Distribution System

HADS high-altitude platform station

HAE height above ellipsoid

HAG height above geoid

HAI Helicopter Association International

HALE high-altitude, long-endurance

HARS high altitude route system

HART heterogeneous airborne reconnaissance teams (U.S. Army)

HAT height above touchdown zone

HCI human-computer interface

HCP heads-up control panel

HCS host computer system

HD high density airports

HD high definition

HDD head-down display

HDG heading

HDG SEL heading select

HDL hybrid data link

HDLC high-level data links control

HDLC-B HDLC-balanced

HDLMS hybrid data link management system

HDMI high-definition multimedia interface

HDOP horizontal dilution of precision

HDP hardware development plan

HE altitude error

HEA head equipment assembly

HEMS helicopter emergency medical services

HERF high-energy radio frequency (or energy radiated fields: dense)

HF high frequency

HF human factors

HFACS human factors analysis & classification system

HFDL high-frequency data link

HFDM high-frequency data modem

HFDR high frequency data radio

HFI human factors integration

HFNPDU high frequency network protocol data unit

HFOM horizontal figure of merit

HFS high frequency system

HFSG human factor study group

HFSNL high frequency subnetwork layer

HFWG human factors working group

HGA high gain antenna

HGAS HGA system

HGC head-up guidance computer

HGS head-up guidance system

HGS HFDL ground station

HHLD heading hold

HID host interface display

HIL horizontal integrity limit

HIRF high-intensity radiated field

HITL human in the loop

HITS highway in the sky

HLCS high lift control system

HLE higher layer entity

HLL high level language

HMD helmet-mounted display

HMI hazardously misleading information

HMI human-machine interface

HMOS high-density met