This week"s review was featured in last week"s airless pump bottleDemo, so here"s the đánh giá of the Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel, just in time for summer!
This hàng hóa is meant to be an all-over gel for soothing and cooling skin that is hot from either irritation or from exposure to lớn heat. Aloe Vera was something we always had growing up when I was a kid, và in the event of a burn (or sunburn) my mother would break off a leaf & rub the cool slimy inside of the leaf on my skin for instant relief & to promote healing.Read on for the review of this old-timey remedy in a new and refined form!Details:Full product name: Soothing và Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing GelPurpose: As the name (repeatedly) emphasizes, it"s meant to lớn be a "soothing" gel, good for sunburns, razor burn, etc. I use it as a hydrating step in the summer.Texture: A perfectly clear thick gel that starts khổng lồ melt into water when it contacts the warmth of your skin. You can check out last week"s reviews for more pictures.Scent: Fresh và aloe-y. If you"ve ever snapped mở cửa an Aloe Vera plant for the gel inside, it smells lượt thích a stronger version of that. I suspect it"s enhanced with fragrance khổng lồ give it more oomph.Quantity: HUGE. It"s 300ml.Availability: I got mine off ebay but it"s also available elsewhere online including Amazon, but considering it"s a fairly trendy product, exercise caution & only buy from sellers you trust.Price: Mine cost me about $13 before shipping, so very affordable.Rating: 4/5 I liked it a lot, although I wish it didn"t have alcohol in it. Repurchase: Yes, although next time I am going lớn try out Mizon"s Aloe Vera gel.Full Review:If you didn"t have an Aloe Vera plant hanging around when you were a kid for those times you managed lớn scald yourself, it"s a desert plant with some very weird features. It has thick spiny leaves, with an almost rubbery outside skin, that contain a fragile center filled with a slimy, watery gel that is easily released by pressing the leaf. It"s used for everything from topical applications for burns right off the plant itself, to lớn drinkable digestive supplements, khổng lồ cosmetics for hair or skin. You can read more about it in the wikipedia article if you"re not in the mood to search.As I mentioned in last week"s review, I keep the main tub of this gel in my refrigerator, và I transfer a small quantity of it into an airless pump bottle for easy sink counter storage. Even though it warms to lớn room temperature, it still feels cooling when applied lớn the skin, partly because it does contain a small amount of alcohol in it. Before you panic, I"d lượt thích to point out this gel is 92% straight Aloe Vera and the concentration of alcohol is very small. I"ve got really moody skin, and this did not break me out. You can see a full ingredients menu here.

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The tub has an inner cap lớn keep the product clean as you open it, which is always a nice touch I appreciate in tub products. I hate using products in jars & tubs, which is why I transfer them lớn the airless pump bottles for daily use.As you can see in the image, the gel is perfectly clear. I also found that the tub came so full of product that it was difficult to lớn put the cap back on without having it oozing out everywhere, which was a little annoying.
The packaging also has a charming, fresh, green colour khổng lồ it and really reminds me of spring và summer, appropriately enough. This product really shines in the warmer months, as the cooling sensation (although subtle) is a little off-putting for winter. Even though I am from Canada & the weather here is too hot for me 8 months of the year, I still don"t want lớn put cold stuff on my face when I"m already freezing. The desert gets cold at night in the winter, okay? Don"t judge me!The cool sensation is really lovely for those sticky summer nights or mornings where you feel lượt thích you have khổng lồ peel yourself out of your sheets, or when you feel the urge to shower twice because you"ve already sweated so much after hopping out of the shower. It"s also nice for a quick hydrating pick-me-up when you feel sweaty or oily to lớn clean your face but you don"t want to bởi vì a full-out layering of moisturizers in the middle of the day.Anyway, according to the Nature Republic website (click here for EN, or here for KR), this gel has "8 best uses" which I am going to hazard a guess on, since I don"t know Korean.

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1. Face mask/treatment. I have used the gel for a "moisture bomb" mask before going khổng lồ bed, where I have thickly coated my face with the Aloe Vera gel to lớn allow my skin lớn slowly absorb the moisture without causing my skin to lớn get greasy or oily.2. Moisturizer. Now that it"s getting warm here (it"s already in the high 80"s và it"s only the beginning of April), I have cut out a lot of the products I featured in my post about layering skincare. I use it as a hydrating gel right out of the shower/after washing my face lớn prevent moisture loss before I bust out my actual moisturizers.3. I am going to lớn assume they mean to lớn use this post-shaving for skin irritation, because I can"t imagine this texture being useful for shaving.4. As a hair gel/styling product. I have heard of Aloe Vera gel being used as a "natural" alternative to lớn the harsh and drying traditional styling gels, although I haven"t used it for this purpose as I tend to lớn just put my hair up when it"s hot và be done with it. Also, we regularly get 20+ mph winds here, so anything fancier than a braid or a bun is just an exercise in futility.5. Eye pack. I haven"t used this method yet, as I wear glasses & I can"t be bothered to lie down for beauty treatments unless I am going khổng lồ bed. I bởi vì think it would be effective as a remedy for puffy eyes, however. Just slather some gel on a cốt tông swatch and off you go!6. A quick search shows that they mean use the gel as a pre-polish nail treatment/skin moisturizer for post-manicure clean up, not some sort of mad scientist mixing solution. As strange as this sounds, I don"t get dry hands so unless I"m bringing out the big guns in the khung of pure acetone khổng lồ banish some stubborn glitter that won"t respond khổng lồ the foil method, I can"t see myself using it this way.7. Overall body moisturizer. Yep, works great. I use it on my forearms after I get out of the shower, because sometimes the skin there gets tight when it dries too quickly, but if I use a traditional moisturizer it"s just too heavy và feels gross.8. Soothing angry skin from sunburn or from hàng hóa irritation. I haven"t been sunburned in over a decade because I stay the heck out of the sun, but if I have gotten a little overzealous in massaging my skin with the Deep Pore Cleansing Oilor tried out a new sản phẩm that didn"t agree with my skin, I find this is effective lớn apply to lớn calm down my skin. It"s especially useful if you get it straight out of the tub in the fridge for extra cooling goodness. My skin still burns when I apply it, if my skin is already irritated, but it settles down very quickly afterward và then I follow up with my beloved Mizon Snail Recovery Gel lớn speed up the healing process.Final thoughts:I think it"s a nice product to have for the summer, but I don"t feel it"s something I can"t live without. Would I purchase it again? Sure, but I"ll try the Mizon brand next because I"ve had such success with their products so far, although there was nothing wrong with this one. It lasts forever, though, so I can"t see needing to lớn repurchase it anytime soon.Leave me a phản hồi with your own summer favourites, or what you use Aloe Vera gel for if you"re a fan!All the best,-Cat**Disclaimer: All products reviewed/mentioned in my blog, are 100% purchased with my own money, with a single exception of a press sample I tested & reviewed in năm ngoái which swore me off of them forever. This blog contains both affiliate và non-affiliate links, & clicking the former before you siêu thị means that this blog may receive a small commission khổng lồ assist in this blog supporting itself. Please see my contact Info & Disclaimer policy for more information.
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Unknown14 May 2013 at 23:13

Great Review! I have used the Gel to get rid of those burning pimples on my face and has saved me from all that itching and gives a cooling effect in summer.