Has anyone tried it lately? I have also the mã sản phẩm SM-935F và I tried lớn flash it with Odin và the newest firmware. But it didnt work. Has any one an idea how to lớn bypass the FRP?




Just follow this video clip step by step and you can bypass your frp lock on galaxy edge 7 easily


There are many ways lớn bypass frp lock but if you searching for latest đoạn clip tutorial so here it is follow video clip step by step


Download app called test DPC , it resets it completely. Restarts & ask if you want khổng lồ be device owner. It works, I just unlocked my samsung j7 with that app. How to download it lớn your device is turn on accessabilty moood, go to lớn settings under talk back settings then go to app android setting up switch, it will show youtube, then go khổng lồ settings in youtube. Go to lớn privacy for youtube. It will take you khổng lồ internet. Then just type in demo dpc. Tải về the app. Xuất hiện and mix up.

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In fact, Google account and Google password is the quickest và effective method to bypass FRP lock on Samsung, ask the owner or the seller to provide the Google account, the ODIN software is complex khổng lồ remove FRP lock on Samsung, & it’s too professional khổng lồ operate.

The newest & easiest method lớn remove FRP lock on Samsung is the tool-Eelphone Google account Removal, just several clicks during the whole process.

There is an ứng dụng for samsung phones called chạy thử DPC. It lets you run the phone by owner or administrator. It works very well. Free also.

I found how to do it.

Flash old firmware, then reboot to the menu where i can reset factory default… RebbotReboot và then i was able to lớn enter my tài khoản there.

So we need lớn play with old firmware, than old power and volume khổng lồ go in the menu where we can access the apk Factory default menu.

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Hi. Here are a video clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5vVos4e... “How bởi I by pass my Frp lock”

To See this video, you can easily understand how bởi vì i pass my frp lock.

You can use a few tools to bypass FRP lock, but to mention, in particular, DroidKit is capable of removing FRP lock.


I bypass that. I use some course nhân vật codes in that tool. I get that at https://thetechbytes.net/unblur-course-h...

There are many tutorials online that teach how to bypass FRP lock but if you are looking lớn unblur course hero, you can check that here https://www.enttechub.com/2022/02/course.... Well, there are apps at https://theladmods.com you can use to bypass FRP lock too.

To vị this you must have frp bypass app. If you have not then you can get from here: https://apkvow.com/frp-bypass-apk/com-fr...

YouTube, no software or computer required. Quick tìm kiếm and you’ll find what you want. I’ve done loads that way.