Former Korean actress Seo Min Jung: Her husband, drama list, & why she decided khổng lồ quit showbiz. Let’s kiểm tra the details with us right now!

A short profile of Seo Min Jung

Seo Min Jung was born on July 11, 1979, và she or he made her debut within the industry in 2000 as a VJ on the cable musical composition Under Heaven. In 2006, she raised her stardom by being cast within the sitcom Unstoppable High Kick! playing as a lecturer that a student had a crush on.

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And, today, our topics include Seo Min Jung’s lovely husband, drama list, và checking out the explanation why she left a show. Kiểm tra it out!

Who is her husband in life?


Seo Min Jung & her husband

On Saturday, August 25, 2007, Seo Min Jung finally tied the knot with the Korean-American dentist Ahn thanh lịch Hoon. They held the marriage các buổi party within the Grand Ballroom of Asem Tower, Samseo Dong. The previous prime minister Lee Soo Gyung inaugurated the marriage and singers lượt thích Lee Soo Young, Son Ho Young, and Noel quý phái the nuptial songs.

After the marriage, they planned to lớn maneuver lớn their new target thành phố new york City where Ahn lịch sự Hoon lived. Thanks to that, she decided to retire from public life as an actress. She later gave birth to an exquisite daughter named Ahn Ye Jin in 2008.


Seo Min Jung & her husband

Here are the recent photos of Seo Min Jung along with her husband Ahn lịch sự Hoon. It’s like they had a birthday celebration. Are you able khổng lồ guys guess who the birthday person was?


Seo Min Jung’s child

The picture above was taken a few months after Seo Min Jung gave birth to lớn her first child. Doesn’t she look adorable?


Seo Min Jung & her daughter


Seo Min Jung’s daughter


Seo Min Jung’s daughter

The three pictures above were taken when her daughter started growing up. Ahn Ye Jin was also reported visiting her school’s yearly event International event Day and dancing lớn Twice’s songs to spread the K-wave along with her friends in class.

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What a possible ability we’ve there! does one think that Ye Jin will become a trainee at an enormous agency and debut as an idol someday or even become an actress like her mother? Hmm, let’s see about it within the future, right?

Seo Min Jung’s Filmography

Here is the menu of Seo Min Jung’s appearances!

Jenny, Juno – 2008Arctic Tale – 2007 (Korean dubbed narration) Television DramaHonest Living – 2002A Typhoon in this Summer – 2005Love và Ambition – 2006High Kick! – 2006 showMusic Under Heaven – (NTV)Hotline School – (Mnet)Curiosity Paradise – (SBS)Section TV – (MBC)King of Masked Singer – (MBC)Radio Star – (MBC) Awards2005 – SBS Drama Awards: Special Awards for Radio (Our Joyful Young Days)2007 – Mnet 20’s Choice Awards: Best Kiss with Choi Min Young (Unstoppable High Kick!)

The reasons why she quit showbiz


Seo Min Jung in JTBC’s show

Ever since Seo Min Jung married, she và her husband moved to the United States. That’s the most reason why she isn’t able to participate in any television shows. The JTBC show Stranger was her first show in 10 years and brought back several celebrities who had left the Korean entertainment scene so as khổng lồ measure overseas because of personal reasons.

The stranger was an opportunity khổng lồ be back on the screen again, allowing Seo Min Jung to giới thiệu her innermost thoughts on making the choice lớn measure a quiet married life. “My participation in Stranger will board my memories forever. Having been ready lớn live the TV life again are some things I had longed for. I feel that have will make me stronger,” said the actress.

“I think I’ll always be a stranger,” she continued, implying that she is going to lớn always desire a foreigner within the States. “Now that I’ve got khổng lồ travel back to lớn the airport, I feel so sad about it. But, since this can be the trail that I chose, I will be able khổng lồ live courageously.”

Here is the clip interview- you’ll click the video down below!

Even though Seo Min Jung really wants to lớn return to Korean showbiz, she still makes family her ideal priority. This can be a good example for us that sometimes we’ve lớn sacrifice what we wish lớn try and do so as to lớn accomplish our responsibility, especially to our family và friends.

Perhaps this text will inspire you guys lớn decide on your own path with no hesitation & without concern for the results. Keep your spirit and never give up!

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