I own too many lipsticks so, as much as I am always mulling over my next purchase, these days I’ve been very good about only buying when necessary unless it’s a Lee Hi Collaboration that is available worldwide coughMACcough. So yes, I have only just gotten one of the very popular Kat Von D Everlasting range lớn try.

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Just… Look. Look at this packaging. Tall, dark & handsome now applies lớn liquid lipsticks thanks to Kat Von D.

It has a very long tube & therefore a very long applicator which some people might not lượt thích as it offers less control over the application.

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Double Dare is one of the more popular lipsticks from the line và is a muted coral. I love shades like Colourpop’s Bumble & Bourjois’ Beau Brun, but I have been looking for something just a little lighter, và this fits the bill.

Talking of Colourpop, I think the consistency of Double Dare is much lighter in general than Colourpop’s (which is hit và miss và can be both light và sometimes thick). It’s a hard-matte finish so you may find it drying, but it’s not uncomfortable in my opinion as it is so light on the lips. As is typical of this type of lipstick I’ve had it on for long days with barely a glance at the mirror unless I have eaten something greasy.
Overall, I really like this & would probably be willing to try out more shades in the future. Although there are some amazing unusual shades of green and blue I think at that price point I might stick lớn what I know will suit me!
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