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I was looking for another RPG-style anime to lớn watch, và someone recommended this, citing vague similarities with Sword Art Online, và Grimgar of Fantasy & Ash. Và despite some irritation...Home
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I was looking for another RPG-style anime to watch, and someone recommended this, citing vague similarities with Sword Art Online, và Grimgar of Fantasy và Ash. And despite some irritations, I ended up rather enjoying it.

Visuals: 7

There isn"t anything particularly stand-out about the visuals in a negative or positive way. They vì the job & keep the standard fairly coherent with modern anime series. The lighting & animation are fairly decent, và the character kiến thiết is very typical. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing I"m unsure, but the characters look VERY similar to a few others from Sword Art Online, to lớn the point where I started laughing when I saw the 3rd one. My only real gripe with the visuals is that there doesn"t feel lớn be much spectacle with the kích hoạt scenes - there are barely any "holy shit that was cool" moments that you want from an rpg shounen. Still, I hold out hope that it amps up in Season 2.

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Sound: 8

My only issues with the sound in this anime stem from the music. While it does an adequate job, the musical score really isn"t very memorable at all, & doesn"t feel lượt thích it"s doing much khổng lồ heighten the mood of any scenes. Also the opening/closing music is a bit hit/miss. The sound effects and especially the voice acting however, are excellent. Some of the characters when I first saw them, I was bracing myself to lớn be annoyed with when I heard their voices, but thankfully that doesn"t happen here. Some of the younger characters especially are designed to lớn make you roll your eyes at their contrived behaviour, but their voices tempered it lớn a much more tolerant level & in many cases, either gave them a decent degree of maturity, or reigned in their childish nature, which I"m hugely thankful for.

Story: 7

The plot of this anime feels like a dozen things you"ve seen before, all mixed together with it"s own variation. 4 young guys about the age of trăng tròn are transported into a fantasy world where they are declared "Cardinal Heroes" and can level-up & gain abilities similar lớn an RPG, in order khổng lồ defend the world against "waves" of quái nhân attacks that occur about once a month. 3 of 4 heroes specialise in weapons (Bow, Sword, Spear), but the 4th hero, our main protagonist Naofumi, wields a Shield, and is immediately looked down upon as inferior from all those around him. Very quickly, he is unfairly out-casted và hated by all, and must rely only on himself lớn find a way to lớn become stronger without being able to effectively attack monsters himself in order khổng lồ gain experience và level-up.

This starts a story into motion that incorporates a few different surprisingly mature themes along the way - rape allegations, slavery, racism, oppression - all seen through the eyes of our protagonist Naofumi và his choices of how khổng lồ interact with these elements whilst being in a world that has them in abundance. The story does a good job of using anger & hatred as a bộ vi xử lý core motif in the overall development of it"s main character by having it affect him from different plot points in the narrative. All the while, it"s being offset by themes of friendship & trust, which end up creating a good dichotomy of powerful feelings và emotions.

There are large areas of the story that are shrouded in mystery, even after Season 1 is over, that left me a little frustrated. Most of these surround the mysterious and destructive "waves", which by the end of the season you gain slightly more insight into, but also more questions. Then there are ambiguities with the "rules" of the world applying to lớn the heroes, the mechanics of levelling-up, và the intricacies of their abilities. The anime gives you a random bit of information every few episodes but never goes into detail, và never tries to establish a solid foundation of rules that you can be satisfied with. This results in questioning why the protagonist wouldn"t want to lớn find all these answers out as soon as possible, and some of these choices seem frustrating.

You kết thúc up enjoying the fact that the Naofumi slowly becomes powerful, but are always left a bit incomplete that he doesn"t use his nguồn effectively at times và with more spectacle.

Characters: 6

There are lot of positive aspects to lớn the anime"s characters, offset by as many negatives.

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Just as a side note, the 3 main protagonists are laughably visual variations of 3 of the main protagonists from Sword Art Online. I don"t know if this is intended or what, but it made me lol.

Naofumi, the main protagonist, starts off very light hearted but quickly becomes an untrusting, hard natured person after being betrayed, và essentially spends the rest of the season learning to lớn trust again, whilst battling his own anger. I thought it was a great arc for the character, và especially when exploring the themes of anger and hatred, really connected well and were justified by the character"s experience in the story. Raphtalia was also a likeable character, who has a softer demeanour but never became too annoying in her worship of Naofumi. The anime tried lớn establish a credible reason for her sadness and her joy, & her unwavering loyalty lớn Naofumi without it becoming too obnoxious. Filo, similarly was a character that I thought would become too clingy but ended up being genuinely quite adorable.

The antagonists were suitably horrible but also the most frustrating aspect of the series. I won"t mention names, but it was disappointing to see that 2 of the worse culprits in the series ended up receiving bizarrely light punishments for their crimes, and effectively are still able to bởi vì harm? This just feels lượt thích the most stupid decision ever, and tries lớn make them into jokes when in fact they are seriously dangerous.

The 3 other heroes too, never seem khổng lồ learn anything or have any real development. This also becomes tremendously frustrating especially when you see Naofumi painstakingly try khổng lồ help them improve their ways.

By the kết thúc of the season, I was also rolling my eyes at how the anime was becoming more and more harem, và sorely wished there was at least 1 - just 1 - more guy to lớn offset the increasing collection of supporting girl characters that were accruing in the anime.

Value: 3

It"s likely I wouldn"t bother to watch this season of the anime again in future as it can be painfully frustrating to lớn watch the main protagonist go through his ordeals knowing that he never really gets a proper satisfying cấp độ of justice. However this could change depending on what happens in Season 2 và 3.

Enjoyment: 7

I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I was hooked onto this anime. I ended up watching the entire season in 2 days. It scratched an RPG itch I had, và contained enough variations on similar animes that kept me hungry khổng lồ see what would happen next. It"s by no means perfect, and there are definitely better anime out there in the genre, but it was sufficiently entertaining, fun, và memorable.