Let’s be honest, we all have got our eyes on Victoria’s Secret products, haven’t we?? For me it has always been their perfumes and toàn thân mists. Like any other girl, when I saw Victoria’s Secret at thủ đô bangkok thái lan airport duty free, I couldn’t stop myself from buying it. At first, I was so damn confused about what to choose but then on recommendation of one of their sales associates I picked Pure Seduction & Love Spell, and grabbed Aqua Kiss since fragrance having aquatic or marine note to it is my all-time favourite scent.

So here’s a nhận xét of these three body toàn thân mists.

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Packaging – The packaging has changed over the years. The body toàn thân mist comes in a simple plastic spray bottle which is sturdy. Even though it is made of plastic, it looks sophisticated and versatile. The golden coloured cap has Victoria’s Secret printed on it. Both the cap và the spritzer is tight enough lớn carry it around with you.

Price – $18 (Rs. 1280 approx.) each for 250ml/8.4 fl oz.



Pure seduction is apparently one of the best-selling VS body mists out there. It got a sweet fruity fragrance. Strongly smells lượt thích raspberry with a hint of spice in it which makes it truly “seductive”. The scent is really sweet & playful that lasts up to lớn 5 – 6 hours. For me personally, being an aquatic fragrance lover, this one is too sweet for my taste.



Love Spell smells really juicy! It is light yet sultry, very feminine. Has a perfect balance of floral và fruity notes, neither of them too overpowering. If you’ve tried Pure Seduction & liked it, you’re going to love this as well. These two kind of smell similar to each other but Love Spell is slightly stronger than Pure Seduction. Would last up khổng lồ 6 hours or more (yeah, more!). Been using these two constantly ever since I got it.

My quick suggestion is that if you’re a non-lover of both fruity and floral fragrances, try not khổng lồ invest in these two.



Here comes my favourite out of all. It has a fresh clean pleasant scent, definitely compliment the primary sea notes. The fragrance also features aloe-vera , cucumber and slightly sweet notes. So serene & divine. Upon the first spray, you will feel an instant freshness. The only drawback is its lasting power, it would last maximum up khổng lồ 4 hours which is kinda gloomy. Nonetheless, I’m saving this particular one for Summer, you see (wink!).

Would highly recommend this lớn everyone.

The Positives :

Refreshing fragrances.None of them are too strong to lớn bear.Travel-friendly packaging.One bottle will last really long, which justifies the price point.Not all of them have good staying power, but then any kind of body toàn thân mists doesn’t last long anyway, that’s why I kept this under pros section. Of course it could be reapplied to make it last all day. In terms of lasting, VS toàn thân mists are way better than any other that I have tried till now.

The Negatives :

The worst part, I don’t think it is ever going khổng lồ be available in India

My final verdict – Overall, I can’t tell you enough how much I love these sprays! These body toàn thân mists are worth a try. This was my first ever VS purchase and I don’t regret it at all. Would highly recommend if you want something different that is nicer than your standard fragrance mist.

I hope you found my review helpful.

Till my next post take care and stay connected…

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Published by Chandrayee

I am a self-taught beauty enthusiast. I got hooked on the beauty community the moment I discovered it and learnt makeup from YouTube beauty gurus. I"m here to share my experience và thoughts anything and everything related to lớn beauty. Join me in this little journey of mine...View all posts by Chandrayee

PublishedJanuary 20, 2019January 31, 2019

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