‘Rockers’ Opening at Morrison hotel Gallery Bowery – I’ve put up my 280 favorite photos at the space that used to be the gallery at CBGB. It’s an amazing retrospective of my whole career. I hope you get a chance khổng lồ see it.

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April 24 - NYC - Yoko Ono came khổng lồ the opening. It was great that she had a chance to see all the work I"ve done besides the photos of her & John. Photo by Linda Rowe.

Debbie Harry was impressed with the form size of the exhibition. She was at the first show I had in this space, in 1990 when it first opened as the gallery at CBGB. Photo by Linda Rowe.

We"ve built an installation for the photos, the front room has colorful rose walls, và there is a mock "teenage bedroom in-between the front and back. Photo by Tito Ficarelli.

The back section is built like a city-scape scene, with buildings as the spaces for the photos and a skyline painted above. Photo by Tito Ficarelli.

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Tito Ficarelli came from Brazil to design the exhibition in the same style as the one he made for me last Spring at the FAAP University museum in Sao Paulo. Photo by Linda Rowe.
My 95 year old mom was happy to lớn meet Yoko at the opening. I learned everything I know about photography from my mom. Photo by Linda Rowe.
Clem Burke & BP Fallon came khổng lồ see what the show was like, và enjoyed the "teenage bedroom". Photo by Linda Rowe.
Michael Schmidt, Bob Gruen, Debbie Harry, Miss Guy & Snooky Bellomo get some air on the sidewalk out front. Photo by Linda Rowe.
For most of the night there was a crowd milling on the sidewalk lượt thích the old CB"s days. Photo by Linda Rowe.
John Varvatos came to lớn see what I had installed next lớn the store he opened next door in the old CBGB club space. He"s a real rock tín đồ and was happy khổng lồ see a real rock photo show. Photo by Linda Rowe.
John Varvatos says hi to lớn Jesse Malin & Danny Sage who played a week earlier in a reunion of their D-Generation band at John"s tiệc nhỏ to celebrate the opening of his new store next door. Photo by Linda Rowe.
Bernadette Peters, Bob Gruen, BP Fallon, Clem Burke, Danny Sage, Debbie Harry, Elizabeth Gervais-Gruen, Jesse Malin, John Varvatos, Michael Schmidt, Miss Guy, Snooky Bellomo, Tito Ficarelli, Yoko Ono

Bob Gruen is one of the most well known and respected photographers in Rock và Roll. By the mid ’70s he was already regarded as one of the foremost documenters of the scene working with major attractions such as John Lennon và Yoko Ono, Tina Turner, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Kiss etc., & also covering the emerging New Wave và Punk bands including The thành phố new york Dolls, Patti Smith, Clash, Sex Pistols, Ramones và Blondie.